Young Driver Car Insurance - Money Saving Expert Advice

As a young driver, you’ll likely fit into one of several categories of young driver such as a new driver, someone in college or a student car driver to name a few. Either way, whatever category or categories you’re placed in, you’ll be looking at ways to save time and money when it comes to finding New Driver insurance or just general Young Driver insurance. With the high cost of Young Driver insurance, it’s important to know how to get the best price for your Young Driver premium. Below we have a series of tips, guidance and general money saving expert advice to help make sure you can get the best price on your New Driver insurance without wasting time or money.

Choose the Right Car for University

To give yourself the best chance of being able to save money on your Young Driver insurance premium, you need to choose the right car. However, before you start thinking about what car will be good for your New Driver insurance price, you need to think about what car will suit your needs, lest you waste time and money buying the wrong car for you. If you’ll be off to university soon you’ll need a car that’s practical for a student, so one that’s small enough to park on the terraced streets you’ll likely live on, while also being one that isn’t terrifying to drive on the motorway and has room for all of your stuff.

Choose the Right Car for College

If you’re looking to take out a New Driver insurance policy it’s more than likely you’ll still be in college, and that’s where your main commute will be to / from. You’ll most likely be parking in tight school car parks, and your journey will probably be quite short so a small hatchback or even a city car would suit you well. It’ll also help you save money on your Young Driver insurance due to the low engine sizes that are available with hatchback and city cars. If your college doesn’t offer parking for students, you’ll need to think about where you can park your car as street parking may put the price of your New Driver insurance policy up.

Mileage for Your Uses

When taking out your Young Driver insurance policy, you’ll quickly learn that if you declare low mileage you’re going to save money on your New Driver insurance premium. To take advantage of this and to save time and money, you should properly calculate the miles you think you’ll need over the duration of your annual Young Driver insurance policy. When calculating your miles remember to consider regular journeys such as commuting to college or university, in addition to any other regular journeys you may make. It’s always worth buying more miles than you know you’ll need to, just in case, as it could save you money in the long term if you have to buy more mileage later on.

Do You Really Need Your Car for College or University?

If, after working out all the miles you’ll need to commute to college or university, you’re not happy with the price you’re going to have to pay for your Young Driver insurance, it might be worth considering changing your usage. For example, instead of using your car to commute to college everyday you could enter a car share system, if possible. And instead of using your car to drive to and from university campus you could walk, again if possible. Of course, if you live rurally and need a car to travel to college then you won’t save time or money by ditching your car for public transport, but for those that can cut journeys, whether it’s to college or a social journey, doing so could help you save money on your Young Driver insurance.


Thinking about your driving habits is key when your main aim for New Driver insurance is to save money. However, there are also numerous other methods you can use to save money on your Young Driver insurance policy, such as taking out a black box, using a specialist Young Driver insurance brker, and making sure your car is parked in a secure area during the day and during the night. Finding the right price for Young Driver insurance isn’t always easy and can be a frustrating experience, but using the knowledge you’ve gained from reading this money saving expert advice you’ll be able to make sure you get the right price for your New Driver insurance without wasting time or money.